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Jeffrey Marx

History's greatest Olympian bows out in style.

Once every four years the lords of the rings throw a party and call it the Olympics, and no matter who else happens to be invited, Carl Lewis, international speed merchant, inevitably remains a vibrant center of attention.

He is the first American man to make five Olympic teams in track and field. He is far and away the most successful athlete in the history of the sport. He is Mr. Olympics.

This 1996 book is the complete story of his final run for the gold. Co-written with Jeffrey Marx, One More Victory Lap is a very personal and powerful diary including all the events and issues both on and off the track. It is the passionate tale of a relentless competitor. It is also the quintessential insider's account of the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Carl Lewis One More Victory Lap
Jeffrey Marx And Carl Lewis
Jeffrey Marx and Carl Lewis