Pulitzer Prize Winner / New York Times Bestseller / Keynote Speaker

Jeffrey Marx

This is not a book you are just going to read and then forget about. You're probably going to read it again sometime. And you'll definitely want to tell family and friends about it. By sharing Season of Life with others, you will be helping to make this a better world.

Jeffrey Marx has used the most violent of American games to show how men and boys should dare not be afraid to look for love. I was tremendously touched by Season of Life.

In a warm, passionate story, Jeffrey Marx finds a boyhood hero who ends up leading him on a fascinating personal journey. This is a book that every father and son will enjoy.

This is the New York Times bestseller that has been changing lives – enhancing personal growth, fostering more meaningful relationships, and touching communities all across America – ever since its initial publication in 2003. Season of Life is now in its 50th printing and continues to be used by organizations as diverse as the U.S. Naval Academy and the Dallas Cowboys football team.

More than a quarter-century after they first knew each other as a professional football star and a ball boy for the Baltimore Colts, Joe Ehrmann and Jeffrey Marx once again crossed paths. The outcome was a remarkable journey through the greatest football season of all. It was really a season of life more than anything else.

Joe was now a white-haired minister who also coached high school football and ran a program called Building Men for Others. He was changing lives by teaching boys how to be men of substance and impact by focusing on relationships and a cause beyond themselves.

Jeffrey quickly realized there was much to learn from his old friend. But he never could have foreseen the gift of his own transformative experience. He never could have imagined that Joe would ultimately help him open doors to his own dad.

Joe Ehrmann Jeffrey Marx
Joe Ehrmann and Jeffrey Marx

John McEnroe interviews Joe Ehrmann and Jeffrey Marx